Airport Pick-Up and Temp Housing

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Most temporary housing is in July-August. There are occasional opportunities to host during the rest of the year.

Stop neglecting to show hospitality to strangers, for by showing hospitality some have had angels as their guests without being aware of it. – Hebrews 13:2

IFI volunteers show hospitality to strangers by picking new students up at the airport and providing temporary housing.

Airport Pickup provides a vital first point of contact with students. Oftentimes, it is the students who were first greeted by IFI volunteers that later participate in other IFI activities. The sooner an international student is served by Christians the better since the window of time that internationals are most open is usually during their first year in the U.S.

Volunteers host these new students in their homes for up to four days while students finalize their arrangements for permanent housing. We ask that you provide a quiet place for them to sleep, breakfast and dinner, and a means for them to get to campus during the day. Optional is your help in their initial banking, phone and apartment supplies or furniture acquisition.

Although there are opportunities throughout the year, most volunteers are needed during July and August. The peak time of arrival is the last week of July through the second week of August. Usually we are able to let you know about an opportunity for hosting within 1-2 weeks of the student’s arrival, although we occasionally have “last-minute” arrivals.