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For East Peoria Information:

For Banking Information:

  • PNC Banking, Washington Branch
  • Address: 1996 Freedom Pkwy, Washington, IL 61571
  • Phone: (309) 745-1427
  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday (9-5), Sat (10-12)
  • They welcome international students and students do not need a social security number to open an account.
  • What students need:
    1. Passport
    2. ICC Student ID
    3. Proof of foreign home address document, or identification
    4. A document or identification showing a personal ID number assigned to you in your home country.  A number assigned to you when you were born or started a job in your home country.  It is like a USA Social Security Number.
    5. Local address.  (If live at ICC Campus Housing, it is “100 Nature Trail Lane”.  Yes, Apartment # is needed.)
    6. USA phone number:  If you do not have one, you can use Jim Hanes – IFI (309) 620-6681
    7. At some point, you will need to deposit or wire money into your new account.
    8. Action on account must be done within first 30 days after opening account.
    9. You MUST close the account if you no longer need this bank account or permanently move back to home country.

To Obtain a Social Security Card:

USA Social Security Card Application:   IT IS FREE!    Do not go to false websites that charge a ‘fee’.

General Information:   US Social Security Site

Local Address: 815 W Pioneer Pkwy, Peoria, IL 61615

FIRST the CHECKLIST:   ***Go to ICC Blackboard

  1. Click: On the right side: “F-1 International Student Resources”
  2. Left column “Employment Options”
  3. “OnCampus Employment Folder”
  4. Read Blue information process
  5. Click: “OnCampus Employment Request Form”
  6. Click:  “1-94 card link” and complete
  7. You will need to complete the link “Form I-9” AFTER you receive your Social Security number/card.
  8. “SS-5 Social Security Number application”
  9. Go to Form SS-5  Application for Social Security Card (

Form SS-5 (Social Security Card application)

  1.  **Either print and handwrite your information OR electronically fill-in info and print it.  It has to be printed out. They do NOT accept electronic form submissions at this time.   Reminder:  A social security card/number is FREE.   Do not go to a false website and pay a fee.
  2.  **MUST fill in the Names of Parents section on Application.
  3.  **MUST include your full housing address and FULL apartment # and letter (A,B,C or D).  **Address:  100 Nature Trail Lane, Apartment #____,  East Peoria, IL  61611

10. MUST have a Job Offer letter from ICC Campus Employer supervisor.   Must have anticipated start date of employment.  Make sure your name is spelled correctly.

11.  Letter from ICC:  Social Security Number Request Form from:  Crystal West — ICC Enrollment Services     Attention:  Crystal West or (309) 694-5600  ask for Crystal West.   Also:   (309) 690-6803    You will come to the mail administrative building (East Peoria Campus), check in at the information desk, and put into the check-in system that you need to speak with Crystal West.

11. Photos of Sample letters/forms are available and can be emailed to the student applicant via their ICC school email address.   Contact Paula Hanes – 

12. Contact Jim Hanes (309-620-6681) or Paula Hanes (309-620-6769) to help schedule your appointment. Jim and Paula have to call to schedule the appointment for you.  Appointments are ONLY in the mornings between 9:00am-12:00pm/Noon.  Send us a photo of your class schedule.  We will look for a                  1 + 1/2 hour time block in a morning between  8:30am-12:00Noon.   This time block includes transportation and application appointment time.

It is taking 3-4 weeks to get an appointment.  Then another 2 weeks to receive the Card/Number.   Total of about 5 – 6 weeks.  

What students need at the Social Security Office appointment:  

  1.  Valid Passport
  2. I-20 signed/valid from ICC
  3. I-94 Form.  Can be printed through the following link
  4. Completed and printed Social Security application form SS-5
  5. Employment job offer letter from Supervisor
  6. Letter from ICC (Crystal West)

For Social Security Office appointment and questions, contact Paula Hanes at    (309) 620-6769.

If you have any questions or trouble reaching Crystal West, you can contact:

Amy Daxenbichler at ICC. 

Interim Dean of Students

Illinois Central College

(309) 694-5573