Friendship Partners

“Love foreigners as you love yourselves.” – Leviticus 19:34 NCV

  • Two of the biggest felt needs of international students, scholars and their families are…

1. Help with conversational English. They need a friend to practice their English with who will be a good listener and patient to answer their questions.
2. Decrease in loneliness. They need an individual or family to help them adjust and adapt to their new surroundings and culture and who will invite them to participate in fun activities with them.

By volunteering, you can help students meet their needs and begin to build relationships that can provide a platform for sharing the gospel. (Watch this video below to hear one student’s story.)


  • IFI provides Volunteers like you the opportunity to help by being a Friendship Partner:

Invite a student or two to join you or your family for a meal, a holiday celebration, a community event, other activity or an evening of conversation. Partners keep in touch weekly and get together at least once a month.

How do I become a Friendship Partner?

  • If you are not already an IFI Volunteer go to: Get Started to complete an application, background check authorization and short training.
  • If you are already a Volunteer, please let us know you want to be matched now! Contact Jill Gutwein at .


Friendship Partner Info Sheet
Interacting w/ International Friends Info Sheet